International Youth Day


Today, 12 August is the International youth day. United Nations has designated International youth day to draw attention towards the youth; their responsibilities, their likes and dislikes and their problems and challenges. It was first observed on 2000. As per UN standards, people in the age group of 15 to 24 are considered as youths. Some are in the teens and some are about to be matured.

This is a challenging  period in the life of each individual. They have to take decision on their studies and career;and they are experiencing physical, emotional and intellectual changed during this period. They need the support, consolation and assistance of their parents and loved ones. They may be adamant and arrogant, they may be adventurous and self Рcentered; all these because of their age. They need support, care and love. They need a silent listener, who can pacify them, a calm support to soothe them and a caring hand to embrace them. If so, they will become confident, courageous and self reliant. They may come to their parents, when they are in trouble. If not, they may find relaxation in drugs and alcohol and they may be ruining their entire life. It is the age, that prompt to do whatever they like, it is the age that tempt them to commit mistakes, if they are directed properly or guided intellectually, they will become assets to the family and society. We have to bring our new generation like that, they are the builders of our new society and new world. They should be courageous, loving and virtuous. If they complete their mid teens , or the early youth period with confidence, they will be successful.

This year’s International Youth Day focuses on the migrations of youths. Youths are migrating in search of better luck, better jobs and better life. Because of this, their native lands may have to face brain drain. In the migrated countries, they may have to face many challenges. These youths are using their brain and energy for the migrant countries, so they should be given proper care and protection. They should be respected and rewarded. Our youths are our treasure, wish them a bright and prosperous future on this International Youth Day.


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