BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT : CLOSE TO MOTHERS. This the theme of World Breast Feeding Week in 2013, and we are going through that period now. It is an annual celebration held, during the first week of August. It was formed in 1991 to promote, protect and support breast feeding. It has been organized by WHO,WBW, and UNICEF and it aims to promote exclusive breast feeding for six months. It is intended to aware the mothers about the nutrient benefits of breast feeding, how it resists the deadly diseases like pneumonia and how it helps to build an emotional attachment between the mother and child. 

UNICEF celebrates World Breastfeeding Week on 120 countries, baby friendly hospitals are established to promote breast feeding. Mothers are taught, the necessity of breast feeding and they are taught how to hold the baby while breast feeding and how many times they should feed the baby a day, what they should eat to produce healthy and enough milk.

Most of the mothers are willing to breastfeed; while breastfeeding, a loving bond is formed between the mother and baby. Mother should hold her baby in the arm, resting the child’s head on the arm. Hold the baby very close to the chest and stomach of the mother and feed the baby sitting straight in that posture. The child may look into the eyes of the mother, resting his/ her little hand on the breast of its mother. While feeding look into the eyes of the baby, hold the little hand and give a kiss; he is slowly, getting that, it is the person, who loves him, protects him and cares him. He/ she may soon start to recognize its mother, start to babble. The child is growing fast with the support and milk of its mother. While giving milk, the child is experiencing the warmth of mother’s love and care. While feeding for six months, he/ she may get the nutrient factors that are essential for its all round growth. The mother can introduce little amount of cereals during this period along with the mother’s milk. It is good to breastfeed the baby when he/ she gets two years old. The loving bond will always be there.

It is not easy for working mothers to feed the baby for six months and feed her child holding in the arms. She may be compelled to go for the work entrusting the child with any care taker. Mothers should be given six months maternity leave for breastfeeding the baby. When, it is not possible, nurseries can be build in offices and they can feed their baby whenever they want. Breast feeding mothers usually need support from partners, in-laws and from friends and peers; for they are bringing up our new generation.


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