Freedom of Media or the freedom of press is an emphasized essential right in a democratic country. It is the freedom of expression and freedom of communication. It has done wonders for the enlightenment of the human well-being and for the development of  a country. Freedom of media  is the right to speak out the necessities of the  group, it is the right to express the  views of the people  and it is the right to criticize the authority. Through media, we can invite the attention of the authority for particular reasons and for particular causes. Through electronic and press media, we can express the will, wishes and needs of the people. We can speak against the authority, we can correct them. It is the strongest way of protest, as words have the power of sword. A democratic country appreciates and understands the freedom of press and media

But, it is misused now in many areas and in many countries. Because of the growth of electronic media, it has become an area that faces great competition. Each channel or newspaper, competes to increase their publicity, rating and circulation; for that, they are compelled to include more and more controversial issues or news that invite mass attention. Such kind of news are mostly irrelevant, that never cares the problems or issues of the people or country. It may be about the news of film stars or about political stunts or some other controversial issues that never help the growth of the people or country. For increasing the rating and circulation, they never bother to find the truth, they may disguise themselves as police officers and private secretaries of some renowned persons; they are keen to give only ‘Breaking News‘ with the part that they got. They may be violating all personal freedom, just peeping into the lives of others. They may be exceeding the limits with this freedom of media. 

Medias can bring changes in the community; they should focus on the problems of the people, what they need, what should be done for the upbringing of the women, children and poor and the downtrodden, what should be done to fight against, poverty, ill-literacy, drug and alcohol; and what should be done to abandon corruption and child labour. They can do even more, like, boosting the new generation to protect and preserve the nature, love the country and the fellow citizens. 

Media should act like a progress chart for the government and catalyst for the community.



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