It is Monsoon in India. The rainy season or the Monsoon starts from the first of June and extends to the mid September. In the beginning, all are expecting for the rain as it brings a relief to the sever drought and heat. It is like a life saving drop from the clouds. Farmers are the real benefactors. They need rain to cultivate their crops and; the harvest of the next year depends on this rain fall. If it fails, they will be ruined and they will be in famine. This will affect the economy of the county too.

Kerala- Monsoon



The first half of rain is warmly welcomed by the people as they are thirsting for it; because the Summer extends to three months with severe heat and drought. Wells are re charged, fields are soaked during this monsoon. Kids also enjoy the rain by playing in the rain and wetting themselves. All enjoy it. But, when it becomes incessant and torrential with storms and thunder, it may become a nuisance. This year India is experiencing, torrential rains with cloud sprout, storms and land slides. Many have lost their lives as the Monsoon completes the first half. Still, it rains heavily. Rains, that bring relief for the farmers, now brings tears in their eyes. Most of the areas are under flood threats. They are not able to cultivate fresh crops; it is raining heavily and incessantly, it seems, it may not stop for long.


According to the meteorology, Monsoon is the reversing wind, that happens during this June- September season. It occurs, due to the wind blowing from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea to the scorched land. If the rain is normal, it is a good season, for tourism too. The landscape is really beautiful with mist and fog seen over the mountains.Boating through the rivers are adventurous and enchanting. We can enjoy the climate as it is not too hot or too cold. 


This year’s monsoon brings lots of disasters, in Uttarakhand with cloud sprout and landslides. It has turned out to be another natural calamity. But, a normal Monsoon is really enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “MONSOON

  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! Which place is this? Here in Almora, we have normally landslides, this year for now we were lucky!!!! I agree, Monsoon gives nature a beauty-booster!

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