We are so particular about our freedom; it gives us the right to do what we like. We may speak about individual freedom, freedom of communication or freedom of expression and freedom of protest. Modern world is keen on arguing for freedom and acquiring freedom. It is a crime, if you act against the freedom of others.

But, some of our doings may obstruct the freedom of others; that is, we may be enjoying our own freedom by obstructing that of your neighbours. We may argue for freedom in our society, in our religion, schools, in public place etc, as it is our right.

We all like to enjoy life-like a kite, but, the string controls its movement. Similarly, we too need a string to control ourselves while enjoying the freedom; if not, we may become shattered and torn like a kite with broken string. The string and the person who holds the string controls the movement of the kite, if it likes to go with the wind, it is not allowed to do so. It is flown against the wind to reach higher and higher.

What is the string, that controls the life of each individual?or, if there is anything like a string? While enjoying all kinds of freedom, we need a string, a guiding force for a proper sail. Kids and youths should be controlled by parents and elders, they should obey the rules and regulations of the institutions they study and work. If properly guided with small restrictions, they will be able to control themselves when they become matured; they won’t be like a kite with broken string.

Ultimately, the strings of  all people are in the hands of God, the creator, the guide and the protector. He may be correcting us, or he may be directing us through the right way, while He gives sorrows and sufferings. We may be directed against our will, but, that is the real way or the right way that brings success. We may feel, it is the obstruction of our freedom, but we need certain, obstructions and correction for attaining heights. If not, we may become shattered and torn out.


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