Uttarakhand, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, is under the havoc of heavy rain and flash flood which killed many and made a lot helpless. Uttarakhand is a heavenly place, with snow-covered mountains, calm and tranquil rivers and lakes, many pilgrims centers and very beautiful land with all the gifts of nature. Nainital Lake and the pilgrims centres like, Hemkund Sahib, Shri Kedarnath Dham and the Haridwar are in Uttarakhand.  Even though, it is not an easily accessible place, many come over here to see the landscape beauty, as a pilgrimage and for trekking. As it is in the Himalayan mountains, the climate is unpredictable, sudden landslide, wind and flash floods may occur. Recently, this place saw heavy rain fall which caused landslides and flash floods. Big rocks rolled down with powerful water and washed away the areas near Kedarnath Temple. Many lost their lives and some found temporary refuge  in the hilly areas. There they are staying without food, water and fighting against rain and cold. The Indian Army is at the rescue site for the past nine days, working hard, to rescue the pilgrims who are at the hill tops.


Devastated Uttarakhand

More than 1,ooo people have lost their lives, the local residents have lost all their possession.  It may take 3 year to make the place as it was. The government has banned tourism and pilgrimage for 3 years. All the roads and bridges are washed away.

Many are complaining about the slow process of rescue operation. But, the army is fighting against the rain and bad climate. They are there without proper food and rest. All through the day and night they are at work. With their best military skills they have rescued many exhausted tourists. Almost 80,000 people have been rescued by the military force. They have air lifted some with their helicopters; they have built temporary bridges with iron ropes and they have carried some old and sick people on their back.Not only that, they are supplying the necessary things along with these rescue operation. Sometimes, the bad weather prohibits the landing of helicopters, when the weather clears up they resume their work.

Uttarakhand rescue operation

More rains are predicted within 24 hours, that may cause new landslides and the condition may become worse; but the military heroes are working to evacuate the rest before the 24 hours deadline. They are the real heroes, fighting against the bad weather, cold, and the rages of the people. Let us salute them, they our heroes.


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