Happy Birthday

Birthdays are special days for us all. Love to celebrate the birthdays of us and our dear ones. Most like to have new clothes, a cake for cutting together with our family members and an outing with our dear ones. The birthday cards and gifts are kept dearly, these are the symbols of somebody’s love towards you. The relevance of that special day ends with all these. 


Usually, first birthdays have grand celebrations, though the child is unaware of the relevance of that day. Parents are enjoying their one year of parenthood. Birthdays that completes 70 years, 80 years 90 years and centenary are interesting to be celebrated; as they have to be respected because they are senior citizens with lots of experiences.

Recently, I have celebrated my birthday; actually, there was no celebrations, just wishing from our dear ones, cutting a cake and that is all. This made me to think about the relevance of birthday celebrations. Each birthday is important for that person, as he/ she is completing one more year in this world. For each of us, it is the special day for thanks giving to the Almighty, for blessing with the virtues. In the middle of so many troubles God has guided us to complete one more year in our life. 

Birthday wishes are like presents; we are remembered on our special day, it is a pleasure to hear a wish from those who love you.  Each birthday should be a day for retreat, a day for looking back to find the mistakes you have committed and to rectify it. If so, your next year will be more fruitful and more virtuous. While celebrating birthdays, let us remember this too; what Voltaire has mentioned, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well”.


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