Father's Day

Father’s day is celebrated to honor fathers, fatherhood and the loving bond between father and children. The third Sunday of June is the widely recognized date as father’s day, but in many countries it fall on different time. It was started to complement mother’s day, shortly, people began to express their love and gratitude towards their fathers on  father’s day. Now, kids are keen to give gifts to their fathers to show their love.

I am with a different thought, while browsing on father’s day, most pictures show the love between the father and daughter, there is a commonly accepted feeling that, usually, girls are more attached to fathers. I was also lucky to enjoy the love, care and security of my father. There was a telepathic attachment between me and my father. He was there, when I need the support. Most of the girls may earn for the protection, care and affection; they may be getting these from their fathers.

Father is the head of the family, but both father and mother have equal responsibility in bringing up children. Father should not be machine for earning money. Most of the children enjoy a feeling of security while being with father. That feeling will boost the confidence of the child, he or she may be strong-willed to face the challenges, and he or she may be talented enough to solve the problems. 

But, there is  fathers, who love to be on their own, only interested in their own affairs. Some of them may earn money and there ends their sole responsibility, the rest lies with the mother. Some may like to spend their time with friends and other entertainments, kids too come only secondary. 

A real loving bond should be formed between father and child; for that, the father should be with their kids during their growth. The whole family revolves around him, if he is responsible and loving, the kids too will learn to love and they too will be responsible. Fathers are the role models, so they should behave like that. A responsible father can correct his children, stand with them and there we can see a strong bond made of love and confidence.

On father’s day, let us wish, it were not be another day for celebration.


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