Give the gift of life

Give the gift of life: Donate blood. Every year June 14 is the day of World Blood Donors. It is celebrated to make awareness among people about the importance of blood donation that rescue the lives of many. WHO aims to promote voluntary unpaid blood donation.

Millions from world-wide  need blood to save their lives. Blood transfusion is necessary in major surgeries, for cancer treatment, at the time of  delivery and for trauma victims. Many countries promote blood donation and blood transfusion; but the main challenge is the safe blood transfusion. Many diseases may occur through blood transfusion, like, AIDS and Hepatitis- B. Proper testing should be done before taking blood from the donors.

Even though, voluntary blood donation is popular, accident deaths are common, in developing countries, due to the unavailability of matching groups.

The importance or the virtue of donating blood should reach all people. Campaigns can be done among youths, and school children. Encourage them to be regular donors. While donating blood we are giving the gift of life. Voluntary organizations can collect and keep the records of donors with rare groups. People or hospitals can contact them when they need blood.

While being the member of a blood donors group, encourage the donors to keep their blood unadulterated with alcohol or drug, because they are saving the lives of many people. Non-remunerated blood donation is giving life to the receiver; it is necessary for sudden needs. We can save the lives of many, the campaigns should aim mainly to the developing countries, as they need more unpaid donors. People in developing countries are still not fully aware of the relevance of saving lives through the donation of blood. They may be ready to give blood for money; but it is not donation. The relevance of unpaid donation should reach all.



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