World Day Against Child Labour

We love kids, like to spend time with our dear ones. It is a pleasure to see them playing, eating, quarreling, studying etc. Really, I love to be with my son whenever he is at home. Some kids are enjoying the pleasure of being protected by their parents, but many of them are deprived of all comforts. They are suffering because of lack of food, ill-health, and ill-iteration. They are destined to work hard for their belly sake. They are not allowed to play, or to have leisure. The condition worsens when they are subjected to slavery and drug-trafficking. They are the victims of all kinds of exploitation.

International Labor Organization conducts June 12 as the World Day Against Child Labour. It has launched on 2002 to highlight the plight of child labours, who wish to fly like butterflies or who dream to study and play like other children. This year it aims in ” ending child labour in domestic work“. Even though there is rules prohibiting children from doing domestic works, many well to do families assign young children to look after their little kids. Usually, girls, under the age of 13 or 14 are used to carry and look after the little kids. Wherever the family goes with their kids, these girls have to follow them, they may stand behind the woman of that family obediently with the kids. Not only that they may have to do the house hold duties like, washing, cleaning etc. Here, these girls are humiliated because they are poor, they are not blessed to have proper education and entertainment. They may forget to dream, because they can’t. They are exploited at a tender age. They too are kids like ours. They too have the right of education and enjoyment.

Domestic child labour should be prohibited strictly. Those who are using child workers should be punished. Education should be free for children till the age of 18. It is advisable to train them to gain a job when they finish their schooling; if so, they can find money for their higher studies. Governments can support them with grants and scholarships. Schools, youth organizations, philanthropists and governments should work together to abandon child labour and exploitation.


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