World Environment Day

Every year United Nations Environment Program celebrates June 5th as the World Environment Day. It is to promote positive attitude among people to preserve the environment and our biodiversity. Each year, awareness programs are held to identify the major environmental problems that need immediate attention. Many activities are conducted like, seminars, campaigns, cleaning, and tree planting etc.  Still our environment is polluted in different ways.


Air, water, and soil are polluted.  Carbon emission from vehicles and fossil fuels are the main threat that our atmosphere has. All are aware of it, the ozone layer is destroyed in many parts, some ares are suffering because of severe drought and heat. The ultraviolet rays are causing many skin problems. Special species of animals and plants are endangered. Some ares are facing incessant rain with thunder-storm and flash floods. Many countries have tried different methods to decrease the carbon emission to save the atmosphere, but still, there is air pollution.

Water and soil are polluted mainly due to improper waste management. Plastic is the real villain, it will stay in the soil for long, prohibiting the soil to absorb the rain water. People find the easiest way to dispose the waste, that may be in river or lake, or they may throw it away in barren lands. Mainly developing countries are facing the threat of the mismanagement of waste. Forests are destroyed to make more and more comforts. Soil exploitation is occurring in mining areas. Even though there is awareness programs, nothing happens properly and each year we celebrate an environment day.

The use of vehicles should be reduced, with the help of proper public transport we can do that. Tress should be planted and protected. While you cut down a tree, two trees should be planted. Degrading wastes can be collected to convert it to bio gas and that can be used as fuels in kitchen as well. Proper recycling is the only method to dispose non degradable wastes. Plastics should not be dumped in the soil. Rain water harvesting is the solution for reducing adverse effect of drought. The world should try together to preserve the environment. 


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