children's day

Some countries celebrate June 1 as the International children’s day; the date varies in different nations and is known in different names as international children’s day and Universal children’s day. However, it is for the well-being of children. We all like to see the happy and smiling face of our kids, while celebrating a day for kids, we may preach, ‘kids are gifts of God, they are the molders of the coming world, and the nation’s future lies in the hands of these kids’ . Do all the children enjoy the same freedom, comfort and happiness?

A very few number are lucky to have the joy and comforts of life, but most are born to poverty. They are deprived of all their rights, like food, education, health and shelter. In under developed countries, the great sufferers are the kids, they do not get enough and nutritious food. They are living in poor sanitation and unhealthy surrounding. Not only that, they may have to suffer sexual assaults from elders. It seems, they are living because they are born to live, suffering all these discomforts. Many organizations and countries are doing some philanthropic activities, but those are not at all sufficient. 

Each child has the right to get proper food and education. Financial supports should be given to the poor parents for giving the kids food, shelter and education. At schools mid day meals should be given to children and it should be nutritious too. Free education should be given till grade 12. Along with intellectual growth, they should be given proper sexual education to rescue them from sexual assaults. Free vaccinations are a must for getting immunization from many diseases. 

Kids should be born from the love of the parents. First, they need the affection, love and protection. Let them find happiness in playing with their peers. Some kids are exploited by using as workers; they may be earning money by the age of 10. It should be strictly prohibited. We all have the right to make the lives of our children comfortable. Let us try to bloom smiles in the faces of our children, they are our angels. 


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