Grandparents as Parents



Usually children are growing up with their parents. In ancient days, when people lived together and shared all between the family members, children got the pleasure of spending time with their grandparents. Now, most of the families consist of four or five members. The aged people are avoided, they are compelled to keep away from their children and grand children, because all are busy with their own tensions and problems.

Really grandparents have a great role while bringing up young kids. First of all, we can salute their experience. They are our parents and they know how to bring up a kid with emotional support. grandpas and grand moms can make a harmonious company with the kids. Both love the company of each other. Working moms may be tensed with both house hold duties and office duties. Grand moms can look after the kids as they had done it for their children. Since, most of the grand parents are at the above 60 age, they have a lot of experience to boast on. They are large reservoirs of stories and nursery rhymes. It is really exciting for kids to listen to those stories and poems while having food and while sleeping. Hearing those stories, they will have the food as well as they will start to communicate early. They are listening and the stories with lots of morals will guide the little kids in their later lives. They are learning skills like, socializing, sharing, being sympathetic, helping etc.  Grandparents can play with the kids, like throwing the balls, coloring and painting. Together they can watch the TV and they can select good shows for their grand children.

Exciting affectionate bonding will be formed between the grandparents and grand children. It is good for the both. Ageing will be slowed down for the grandparents and growing up will be faster for the kids. Tensed mother will be eased and surely there will be the harmony for a healthy living.


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