On Beauty


Let me come up with a new topic today, that is about Beauty. Most of us worry about the way we look. In primary sense, beauty means the appearance, that is the external appearance; beauty of a person is considered by analyzing the features, how lively the eyes are, how long the nose is, how beautiful the lips are and how enchanting the smile is ? If all are perfect, we can conclude that, the so-called person is beautiful. Color is also a criteria, for being beautiful, he or she should be white. Black persons are addressed as “black beauties” or “dusky beauties”.

Can we find real beauty in all these? All of us are concerned about our appearance, most of the people; especially young ladies and gents; spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and visit parlors to enhance their appearance. With the help of an expert beautician, we can change our whole figure, even the color can be changed to an extend.  These are connected with external beauty; while giving preference to the external appearance, we forget to value the soul, character and behavior of that person. 

Really, beauty lies in the behavior, an ugly or worst looking person can be kind hearten and loving. Around the world, we are reading about racism, and color discrimination. Black people are degraded and they are treated as slaves and totally misbehaved. When someone feels irritated on seeing a black person, or if someone starts to ill treat him, make him think of God, anybody knows the color of God?

Beauty is in the mind, it is the attitude of each person towards his fellow beings. If we can be kind towards the poor and downtrodden, if we can love  an abandoned child or if we can care poor aged people, we are beautiful in the real sense.

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” Scott Westerfeld.


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