Tolerance is one of the essential qualities,that we all must practice for peace and tranquility in family, society and religion. Generally, tolerance means, the ability or willingness to recognize and respect the practices and beliefs of others. In that sense, if we all are practicing tolerance, there may not have quarrels, disputes and agitations,the world might be experiencing unity and peace if there is diversity in religion, culture, wealth and nationality.

Practicing tolerance should start from family; then only we can be tolerate with our fellow citizens. Parents should show the way of tolerance, they can be tolerant  while talking with each other and with children. Patience and tolerance go side- by- side. We should have the patience to listen others and should be tolerant to share and care others. At work place, we can be tolerant with our colleagues, while sharing the works and while considering others. If owners and CEO s are tolerant, the workers can do their jobs with confidence and freedom, they too will be dedicated and sincere.

Majority of people believe on some deity,there they form a community and stand for its cause; there we can see a strong unity for their cause, but, it lacks tolerance. All are the advocates of their own believes, but all should be tolerant to understand and recognize the religions and believes of others too. If not, fights and dis rests will be the out comes. The authority should also be tolerant, while dealing national and international issues. 

Kids should be taught to practice tolerance from family itself. We all give most importance to the needs and desires of kids, without considering the use of the materials we are ready to buy that for our kids. But, we should teach them the value of sharing, we should tell them that, a wide majority are starving, and we should have the responsibility to rescue them by renouncing our little desires.

We are experiencing selfishness from all we meet. All are considering their own individual comforts, such a society can’t even think of tolerance.  We have the role models like, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who had won great victories with tolerance. 


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