World Health Day

WHO celebrates World Health Day on , 7 th April. It is the founding day of WHO on 1948. To celebrate the founding day, each year gives prior concern to a special and general health problem. This year’s priority is given to hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Hypertension or high blood pressure has become a universal public health issue. The evidences show that, 40% adults above the age of 25 suffer due to high blood pressure. It is a serious symptom that can lead to life taking diseases like, heart failure, stroke, coronary heart disease and kidney failure. The life style that we follow is the real villain. People are busy throughout a day, with their work both in office and home. Tension and stress are the two words that all come across regularly. Nobody gets time, to take  nutritious and healthy diet; to have rest to pacify and relax both the body and mind. Nobody gets time for entertainment and exercises. Our life has become a frantic run for money and comforts. We rely on easiest methods, like fast food and junk food for our diet, we don’t take exercises and all depend on vehicles for short travels too.

High blood pressure is preventable, controllable and treatable. If it is not controlled, our youths may not be able to lead a normal life; they may become heart and kidney patients at a younger age. The goal of celebrating world health day is to make all aware of the risk of hypertension, how can it be prevented and treated. The first step to reduce the risk of hypertension is the diet control; the intake of salt is to be reduced, and a balanced and nutritious diet is necessary. Use of alcohol, drugs and smoking should be strictly avoided. Exercise regularly, like walking, cycling and swimming. Meditations like yoga is advisable to make the mind calm and quiet.  With the help of regular exercise, body weight can be controlled and that too is essential for preventing hypertension.

Adult should check their blood pressure regularly. Prompt the youths to have nutritious and healthy diet, to avoid alcohol and tobacco. Make yourself calm in mind with proper entertainments, spend time with your dear ones, see a beautiful movie to relax yourself, and have good sleep for the rest of the whole body. These are the simple measures that we all can follow for preventing blood pressure; and it is advisable to prevent hypertension.



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