We all love to get gifts from our dear ones. Think of your birthday, if you are adorned with a gift on that day by someone who is really special to you, how pleasant it will be!  It is the moment when we all may become children, with a child’s innocence we will celebrate the moment. Giving gifts and accepting gifts are two things, that invoke happiness on both the donor and the receiver. 

While thinking about gifts, the words of, Marge Piercy, the famous American poet, novelist, comes to my mind. According to her “Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding, the third”. Yes, God is the donor of the first gift and it comes from the love of our parents. Giving birth to a baby, is the gift, for both the husband and wife.

Each and everyone carves for love, and it is the most important gift, that we can give to all. A child earns for it and finds it from its mother, while growing up, it needs the love of the parents for the emotional, physical and mental maturity. We intend to have the love of parents, siblings and friends. Love and you will be loved,that is to be remembered always.

If there is sincere love, there will be the proper understanding. Where there is true love, there will be sacrifice, renunciation and tolerance, hence, there is the understanding. We will be able to read the mind, thinking and emotions of our beloveds. They too will be able to guess our feelings. That is understanding, react, respond and behave as per the situation.

Think of the merging of the three, life, love and understanding, how enchanting! Through gifts,love and respect are expressed. It is the mind of the donor packed in colorful papers, so, whatever it is, it should be accepted happily, by that, we are accepting the love of the donor. Tolerance, love and trust are the three valuable gifts that we can offer to all.


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