April 2 is the World Autism Awareness Day. It is the sixth annual day on Autism Awareness. A huge number of children suffer due to Autism, not only that, it affects the family of those children, proper awareness is essential  for early detection, for affectionate approach, for the education and for making them self reliant. By that, both the children and family will be relieved and the children will definitely get support, concern, care, love and affection. World Autism Awareness Day aims for the proper upbringing of autistic children.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder  that impairs mainly the social and communicative skills of the children. They may lag in studies, they won’t be able to pay attention to anything properly and they won’t be able to react to sensations. Autism can be detected at an early age by observing the kid closely. Kids usually, start to identify the face of his mother at 2 months, he will respond to sounds by 2 months and he starts to babble by 2 1/2 months. If the child is not able to identify the faces, if he does not smile and if he does not babble, it shows his difficulty in communication and attention skills. By observing, a medical practitioner can detect autism at an early stage. When the child gets older, he won’t be able to mingle with the peers, fails in socializing and communication. It will surely, affect their confidence and they will lag in all fields. Family members too become agitated and that ruins all.

Relevance of World Autism Awareness Day is here. Primary responsibility lies with the parents. They can detect any impairment if they are with their children. A pediatrician can diagnose autism by observing the development  history. While treating children with autism, first aim should be in lessening the stress and increasing the quality of life by making them independent. They need  individualized support, so, family and school can do a lot. They need a friendly and caring atmosphere to boost their confidence. Give them instructions for each activity, and show them, how it should be followed. Congratulate them and support them for each success, it will prompt them to try more. Together with behavioral treatments, medication with psychoactive drugs  too is needed.

It is a fact that, there is no known cure for autism, but children can come out successfully with the support of family members and educators. On this World Autism Awareness Day, it should be remembered that, each person with autism needs three-way supports, emotionally, physically and financially. 


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