Happy Easter to all. Tomorrow is the day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after Crucifixion.  Both the birth and resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by all. Easter is the day, that brings new hope to all. Jesus is the only God resurrected from death. Life after death is the message of Easter.

Christians are on 50 days lent before Easter. It is the biggest festival that the Christians celebrate with respect, faith and fear to God. All through the lent, the life of Christ is remembered; what he had done for the human beings, what he had preached and taught and what he had tolerated for our sins.

Easter brings the message of hope and confidence. It comes after the Good Friday, on which the death of Jesus is remembered. How can a God rescue his followers, if he himself dies like an ordinary human being. But, Jesus has shown us that, there is hope after death. He has promised his presence, protection and care  with his followers all through their lives.

Look at Jesus’ disciples, what they had done when their leader was accused and convicted? They fled from the place, where were those, who had seen and experienced his miracles? All had gone, they all might have thought of seeing another miracle, or they might have feared their leaders. All were sad, because they had lost their leader.

Now also, while we go through the ceremonies of Good Friday, we all experience a sad felling. The memory of the cruelties that Jesus had experienced bring a feeling of sympathy in our mind. But, two days after, there is Resurrection. Jesus had defeated death, brought new hope and life in the lives of his disciples. People who fled on Good Friday, gathered to  see their leader. They never feared anybody, they got the courage to preach what Jesus had taught them. They got the confidence to face any challenge, they stood for their dear leader, they could now do what their leader had done.

Similarly, Easter gives the message of new hope in our lives too. We too can expect a crown after the cross. We all may have to suffer because of so many reasons, there, we can expect the reward, consolation, presence and protection of our resurrected Lord. That  hope  will guide us all through our life. EVERY GOOD FRIDAY HAS AN EASTER.

While wishing all Happy Easter and while giving Easter Gifts and Easter Eggs to all, let us convey the message of Hope with that.


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