Leonardo DaVinci-The Last Supper


World around the Christians today, remember, experience and proclaim the value of love through service and obedience. It is the remembrance of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.

Maundy Thursday teaches the vital principles of life, that are, love, service and forgiveness. Jesus has shown these qualities with his life. He loved his disciples, he was with them when they are in danger, he cared and protected them. In the Last Supper, he washed and kissed the legs of his disciples, to show his love and affection towards them. He was trying to teach them the primary lessons that, service should be with love. Most of us are ready to do anything to our beloved ones, but we expect a return act as gratitude. But, Jesus has shown us that, our services should not request anything in return. It should be genuine and sincere, simply out of love. That is the real way of love.  One who can serve with love, surely won’t get tired of doing it, he can find an enthusiasm and celestial happiness in his service.

The leader should be like a servant, that is the message Jesus conveyed through his action. He should be ready to do, tolerate and accept anything for his followers. Such a leader will earn respect and admiration from all.

Forgiveness is the virtue that we all must practice. Where there is forgiveness, there won’t be quarrels.  Jesus forgave the sins of many in his life, especially, that of Judas the betrayer. The real leader with love only can forgive and forget the mistakes that he had experienced. If we are able to forgive and forget the simple mistakes from our dear friends and relatives, there won’t be any quarrel. How peaceful will it be!

The real follower of Jesus should, love all unconditionally, respect each individual, be ready to do any service to anybody, be ready to forgive and forget. 



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