Earth Hour

Today at 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, we are observing the Earth Hour. It is an event that is observed world-wide, and organized by  World Wide Fund for Nature.  It encourages all to turn – off the lights for our shining planet. There is no exception for household users and the business people.  The whole world will come together for this one hour.

Are you ready to stand up for observing the Earth Hour? It is the time to show our responsibility. It aims to make all aware about the use of renewable energy. Our energy resources are doing severe harm to our environment. Earth is spoiled on each activity. We are not considering these facts while we use the energy for our each and every need; it is essential.

Our energy consumption produce contaminating by products. Carbon is emitted while burning the fuels, it pollutes our air and atmosphere. The ozone layer, that protects us from the Sun‘s ultraviolet rays, is destroyed in some areas. All our energy producing sources are harmful to the earth.

We should take the leadership to protect our earth. While switching off the lights think of how can we save our earth from these pollution. The other alternative energy sources are wind, solar and bio gas. We can produce electricity from wind. Place solar panels on house roofs and we can avail electricity from sun.  In rural areas house hold wastes can be transferred to bio gas plants. We can use the by-product for cooking, the waste is a good natural fertilizer. Since it is expensive,sufficient subsidies should be provided for the installation of solar panels and bio gas plants. Through these,each one can become more and more self- reliant. We are saving our mother planet from pollution as well.

Observe the Earth Hour, it is the first step to show our love and gratitude towards our mother planet.


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