To secure our Blue Planet, the UN celebrates World Water Day today, on 22nd March. The UN has started to celebrate the World Water Day from 1993 onward. Water Cooperation is this year’s motto on World Water Day. The importance of preserving fresh water and fresh water resources are proclaimed on this water day.

Fresh water is nature‘s gift, science may create water, but fresh water only comes from nature. Here, lies the importance of preserving the fresh water resources.  Nature gives us fresh water and nature itself preserves it for us. Soil is nature’s water preserver. If it is spoiled how the nature can preserve water? Soil erosion is one of the main threats in water preserving. If it is not blocked properly, the structure of soil will be changed and it won’t be able to preserve the water anymore. Mountains, hills, plains, valleys, lakes, streams and rivers are nature’s fresh water resources. The preservation of all these require immediate attention.

As prophesies say, the next world war will be for water. Signs of such quarrels for water are coming from different parts of the world. Who are the main fighters for water, or who need the water more? Think of a farmer, he needs fresh water for all, for drinking, cooking and for the cultivation of plants. Industrialists need water for the production of variety of items.Next comes, the upper class who use water for tourism. In all these three fields, water is spoiled. Farmers use fertilizers, industrialists discard adulterated water to the fresh water resources, similarly, tourism also spoil water. 

Water sharing is one of the main challenges that the modern world face. Many countries share rivers between two or more countries. Fresh water contents are diminishing, the quarrel for more water arises from people of different nations. The need of water cooperation comes here. Water pollution is the real threat, that is to be eradicated quickly. Polluted water can’t be used for farming,drinking, tourism and for industry. We should remember that water resources are not the dumping yards of waste. Factory wastes should be recycled, farmers should limit the use of damaging fertilizers. The fresh water resources, like, streams, rivers, lakes and wells  should be protected.

Contaminated water are the main source of diseases like, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. Mosquitoes will grow in the contaminated water and it will spread the diseases like, dengue fever, yellow fever etc.

Let us go hand in hand for the preservation of fresh water resources. It is essential for the next generation.


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