It is really exciting to see the bold Malala back in school. She fought for that, and she is still fighting for that, for the education of the girls all over the world.

How brave she is! How dedicated she is! How determinant she is! 

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani Muslim girl. She is only 14 years old. She comes from the Swath region of Pakistan. When the Taliban militants held a position at Swath. girls were not allowed to go to school. They destroyed and burned the schools to keep away the girls from schools. Most remained indoors because of the fear. Girls did not have the freedom to go outside, to study, to have friends and they were prohibited from all entertainments. Think of such a life, where you are kept as a bird in the cage.

Malala fought for the freedom of education. Being the daughter of an educational activist, she got primary support from her father, who is a poet. She is grown up as a girl with dreams. When she was 11 years old, she started to speak for the right of education. She boldly questioned the Talibans of depriving her the rights of gaining knowledge. Later, she started blogging, and in her blogs she started to speak against the Talibans. She wrote not only for her rights, but for the whole girls who are compelled to lead a life in oblivion. She spoke about the cruelties of Talibans towards the girls. Her boldness made her the victim of Talibans, they shot her in front of her peers while they were returning from school.  A small, innocent and simple girl with bullets in head and chest. How bravely she faced it for the cause she is standing for. After long treatment and several surgeries, she is now able to lead a normal life. Again, without any fear she is dreaming to gain good achievements. So, she is back to school. Malala, salute to that bravery.

Our modern generation can study a lot from her life. Children, who can easily avail education, do it as a routine.  They do not know the value of education, an irresponsibility is ruling our kids. Parents are willing to give them what they need. We should make them aware of the value of education, make them think of kids, who are deprived of all the rights and gifts. Tell them the life of great leaders to ignite the wish to learn. 

By the age of 14 Malala has taught us  a lot, has shown the way how to strike and respond peacefully for our needs. She is now one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.  All wish for the peace, a peaceful strike will be rewarded and Malala stands as an example.


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