Kindness Shared Between a Boy and a Dog

Mercy– it is the essential feeling that we must all have.  As per dictionary meaning it is the compassion and forbearance shown especially to an offender. Our New Pope Francis has also asked us to show mercy to our fellow beings.

What is mercy in the real sense? It is the soft feelings that we feel towards our fellow citizens, animals, birds, plants and to nature. Exactly, our each and every action should proclaim our mercy.

Mercy shown to our fellow creatures: We can be kind  to the poor and down trodden. It is the normal way to show mercy and almost all are doing that. But, it should be in action not in words.  People living in slums deserve special attention and care, they too have the right to lead a comfortable life. Poverty and illiteracy should be eradicated completely. By better education, people can find a better living; it is the responsibility of the authority and the upper class to improve the living conditions of the poor. Children need special care and attention. They are to be raised with good food, proper shelter and better education. God has done the creation, giving equal rights to all. Some have wealth while some others suffer because of poverty, illiteracy and diseases. But, if the wealth is shared and distributed equally the poor too can find a better living. Here, we can be merciful, while attaining more and more wealth, the poor should also be uplifted.

Mercy to animals; for showing mercy to animals, we can follow the steps of St. Francis of Assisi.  He was kind to all the creatures, he considered even animals, birds and all the natural creatures as his brothers and sisters. Animals, birds and trees are essential for maintaining our echo system. Each action against the echo system will be reversed. Global warming, drought, flash floods, earth quakes and severe storms are the after effect of our anti natural actions. Some special species of animals and birds have endangered, some are endangering. It is our duty to be merciful to our nature, animals and birds.

Mercy should come from our hearts. If we are merciful, we can be good in thoughts and deeds. Then, how can we think of a sin. Being merciful is the only solution for all the atrocities. How can a man with mercy, be greedy, lecherous and arrogant. Practice Mercy and be Merciful and kind.


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