Anti-Terrorism Awareness Ribbon Round Mouse Pad


Terrorism, Explosions, Shootouts are the terrifying words that we come across in our day to day life. It can occur anywhere,  in a bus, train, market place or near you. People are feared of having a secured life.

Recently, we have heard about terrorist attacks in India at HyderabadSrinagar, terrorist explosions in Afghanistan and missile attacks in the borders of Palestine and Israel.


Terrorists are using sever explosives to make a blast and usually they plant it in some crowded area. Even though, the intelligence agencies get precautions, they are not fully equipped to avoid such blasts. Innocent people are killed in each blast, the victims do not know why the blasts occur. Even pathetic is the condition of the blast survivors  some might have amputated, some might have become orphans and some might have lost everything.

Army men are fighting on each border to protect the country, they too are the victims of explosions and other attacks with missiles and mines. For the county they are shedding their health, comforts, lives and all.

Some agitated people, try to create panic in the community with guns. Even children are killing their peers.

Do they find any solution with these terror activities?  Terror meas fear; terrorism is destabilizing the existing order. Terrorists or people who create panic among the community are trying to destabilize something. Yes, each explosion and shoot outs are creating discomfort in the society. The people will think that they are not secure in the existing order. The authority is not well- occupied to save and protect the society. The terrorists and militants need that. 

The authority and the communication medias can do a lot to convey the message of security in the society. Immediate  steps should be taken to arrest and prosecute the culprits. The victims should be rehabilitated. Medias should avoid giving big coverage,  the militants are looking forward for these media attention, even though it is defaming, they can earn the attention of the mass. Political parties should stand hand- in- hand in the rescue activity. They should keep in mind that, an explosion or attack is not the place to accuse each other. If there is the unity, we can avoid the terrorist attacks.


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