Pope Francis I

The Roman Catholic Church got its new Pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is the 266th Pope.  He will be called Francis I. In the midst of prayerful waiting the white puff came out from the  chimney of  Sistine Chapel. The Cardinals elected the new Pope among them, on the second day of  the Conclave. He is 76 years old; he has accepted the name of St. Francis of Assisi, who renounced all the wealth to pursue poverty and priesthood.


The new Pope has some specialties. He is the first Pope from the South American Pontiff. He is from Argentina.  He is the first to be known in the name of St. Francis of Assisi.First Pope from the Jesuit Fathers. He is known for his humility, he always stood for the poor. He is against all the luxuries, and avoided the special house and vehicle for the Archbishops. He opted for public transport and was keen to serve the poor and the down trodden. As the real follower of Christ, he expressed his love and sympathy when he washed and kissed the feet of 12 AIDS patients on 2001.  Like his predecessor, Emeritus Pope Benedict XIV, he too is against foeticide, homosexuality and the use of contraceptives.He is also a conservative.


Pope Francis I is elected to lead the Roman Catholic Church through the challenges of the modern world.  The world is more and more leaning towards modernism, it is becoming more and more worldly, over immersed in money, power, sex and other extravagances.  God and  the religion are forgotten. People are paying no heed to the words of Christ, the fear of God is lost. All are interested in their own life, nobody wants to care his downtrodden brothers and sisters. A good number of people are arguing for homosexuality and living together. Extra marital relationships have become common. Children are forgotten, the number of kids are decreasing, the birth itself is limited using contraceptives. The new Pope has to find solutions to these issues; he has to speak out against these sins and has to take courageous steps to prohibit the growing sins. He has to lead Church in the midst of these challenges and he has to guide the world for a life centered on God and Soul.  He has to guide the world, that is why, the whole world keenly waited for the white puff from the Sistine Chapel. Let us pray for our new Pope for gaining power from the Almighty to guide the Church through these challenging world.


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