The Animated Passion


In this modern world, we all are after something, to conquer it and to attain power, position, recognition and money. In this frantic run, we rely on some beliefs to find a solace and comfort. Can we call it Religion?

Religion is the belief on some super power which gives one comfort and consolation. A large number of people have their own particular beliefs. Born to a family of a particular religion, we all are supposed to follow it, or we all are compelled to follow it. Some will think about the relevance and some will be courageous enough to question it.

Spirituality also comes with religion, both go hand in hand. It is your attitude, your beliefs, actions and doings, your sympathy and your willingness to be a philanthropist. A religious and spiritual person can be good in mind, thoughts and actions.

How this religion and spirituality are connected with family and society? Do we need these two for a strong bond?

Think of a day, that begins in the early morning. After completing household duties, we run towards office. There, we have to mingle with so many people, misunderstandings, angers, shouting,  quarrels, are the possible results. After office, it is time for shopping and again back to home. The days go on as  it is. Slowly, we all become fed up, discomforts and depression are the after effects.

The relevance of religion and spirituality comes here. All are free to believe according to one’s practice and beliefs. It is true that, there is something to control the world, there is  a super power to watch and protect the world. After creation, the Almighty has given a free will to each individual, we have the intelligence and responsibility to respond judiciously to any issues. A religious person will always  be happy and enthusiastic. He begins his days after surrendering all to God. He will have the confidence that, he will be guided properly and his actions will be fruitful. He does not have to fear anybody.  He could behave peacefully with all whom he meets. So, there won’t be quarrels and misunderstandings at office or house.  He will understand the problems of society and will be sympathetic. Children will find good role models in their parents. The fear of God will always guide a religious person, it will prohibit him from doing injustice to anybody. Then there will be comforts, solace and peace. Love, affection and happiness will follow it. 

For being religious and spiritual we don’t have to spend too much time by visiting religious places. We can do it always in our mind. One who is good in thoughts will be good in deeds. God will be with him.


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