Heaven Is Here

When you are in extreme stress, which will be your last resort? Death? Of course not, it should not be!!!. Then, yes, it will be your family, your home.

What do we expect from a family? We all love to have a happy, caring and loving family. Normally, it consists of father, mother, two or three children. All love and live in a harmony. If it is so, it is the heaven in the world.

In ancient times, a family consists of lots of people, grandparents, uncles and aunts. It was a joint family and in that all shared their feelings, works, sorrows and happiness. The children were grown with a freedom to mingle with a number of people. The feeling of security was firm there. Children learned the lessons of sharing; greed and jealousy were kept away from that unity. Women were respected and they got a support from all. Prayer was the great binding force.

But, later it became unpractical, and people began to build their own independent homes, with parents and children, so it became a small one. They became more and more self- centered. Both father and mother has to run frantically to earn the money, all the relationships became money- oriented. If you have the money, you will be respected and if you don’ t have, you will be avoided. So, all are working hard to earn more and more. Children are forgotten. They are growing up with carers in crushes. How will there characters be formed? All the family members are seeing only in the night and by then they will be tired and torn out because of the hectic activities of the day. Some are relaxed seeing the television, some find consolation in computers and mostly the women prefer to sleep. The day ends there, nobody is talking properly, listening attentively, sharing the day’s happenings or consoling each other. Finally, children find comforts in some addiction or they seek for another persons. Husband- wife relationships are spoiled. Aged parents are sent to old- age homes. LOVE IS FORGOTTEN.

When you eagerly wish for love, and care, everything will be ruined. We should find time to spend together. In the modern world money is a necessity  but in the frantic run for earning money, family and its virtues should not be forgotten.  Parents have the responsibility to bring up the kids with affection and love. Find time for family prayers, and have the supper with all the family members. These two help a lot to share what you have to tell in the family. We can take decisions on important matters at this time. Each member deserves the attention and if we can give this our family will become the real heaven.


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