A Gift For A Mother-in-law

In- laws are relatives one gets from marriage, that is, the relatives of your husband/ or wife. We all live under the influence of in- laws. Both men and women have to tolerate a lot because of the interference of these in- laws, especially, mothers- in- law and sisters- in- law.

Are they blessings to our lives? or are they a real nuisance?

In- laws are  good supports  and companions if they provide such a company to you. For both men and women, a mother in law has a responsibility. She can guide her son/ son- in- law, or daughter/ daughter- in- law, with her care, love and support.  Similarly, other in- laws too can do a lot for the happy lives of their dear ones.

But, a majority of in- laws think and act oppositely. They are the real nuisance in the lives of a couple. A bride starts her life with her husband with dreams of a happy life. She will be advised by her mother to be a good daughter- in- law, by loving and taking responsibility of  the household. She will be doing all with a good intention.  But, critiques are watching her from all sides. The in- laws will be treating her as if, she is the new comer and she is doing all these to take the upper hand in the family. The mother- in- law is the worst in her approach as she carries in her mind that, the bride has taken away  all the love of her son. She will react with a hostile attitude towards the daughter- in- law. The problems start here. The mother- in- law will be in a depressed mood and she will gain the support of other family members too. Now, the daughter- in- law will be avoided by all; she will be lonely and here comes the bride’s mother, that is, the mother- in- law of the husband. She will stand for her daughter and the real fight starts here. The daughter will act according to her mother and the husband’s mother will be fighting to get her son’s support. What is ruined here? A happy married life of a loving couple. Now, they too want to win their own mothers. Along with these, the in- laws will interfere in financial field also, the couple won’t be able to take independent decisions on any matter. What is the result , the couple finds a solution in divorce, and all ends with that.

In- laws have a limit, they should keep it while interfering in the family matters of their children.  After marriage, they are free to have an independent life of their own. They should be allowed to have such a good life with their own decisions. The in- laws should consider the new members as their own sons and daughters. Love and care them like that, they will love you in turn. Give them, proper guidance whenever they are in need, avoid finding fault in all that they do.Help them, while bringing up kids. Don’t be a telltale. Allow the new couple to spend time of their own. After marriage,   the mother’s responsibility diminishes, they have their better- halves to share everything. It is the fact and each in- law should cope with it.

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