Tear Stained BeachesIn our daily life, we have to meet, speak and mingle with so many people. It starts from home, continues in office, shop or anywhere. What do we expect from each person while communicating with him/ her. Yes, a true and genuine approach and behavior. Do we all get that from everyone?

Suppose, you are going to buy something from a shop. You expect to buy the top quality thing which is free of damages, that is, you intend to buy a thing that assures you what you expect from it. You are ready to spend much money for buying the best quality. The shop owner will say that, it is the best thing and it is the famous brand that most people trust. But, what happens, if it does not offer the qualities that you are expected and assured. Then, it is the cheating

While talking about  friendship, we expect and love to have deep and close relationship with somebody, to share the sorrows and joys, to have advises and support. But, think of a friend who stands with you when you are happy and abandons you when you need the support the most!!! Cheating again.

In family also, we all desire to have the support of the partner, or parents, or siblings, or children. There also, each partner will hide something from his/ her better- half. He/ she may love to proceed with some other extra relationship, that is, infidelity,  others are workaholic and some others value friendship and career more than the family. Struggle between the siblings for money and power are other issues, even though, they are in same blood, one desires to be more powerful than his siblings. Parents too find comforts in their interesting fields, there, the children are avoided; and the children will find their own satisfaction in computers and internet. Here, the love is forgotten. Each one creates his own world and lives in that circle, avoiding his loved ones. This is also cheating. In that case, we all experiencing cheating.

Yes, it is a sin. But, unknowingly, we all are cheating somebody. Cheating of consumers are to be strictly prohibited with laws. Consumers have the right to get valuable things from the money they are spending. If, it is food, it should be fresh and pure. In family, we should love each other not for the sake of money. Each person has an intense desire to love and to be loved. We need the care, love and protection of somebody, try to give it to others and then you will get it in turn. Strong friendship can do wonders.

Trust the Almighty for everything. Begin a day with a prayer to not to be cheated. Remember, if you cheat anybody, God will cheat you in turn, as He is seeing everything that you think you have done unseen by all.


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