Classical Tribute to International Women's Day


Tomorrow, on 8th March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day.  While thinking about the women’s day, the words of the great Indian monk came to my mind. Swami Vivekananda said,” The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is  its treatment of its women, there is no chance for the welfare of  the world unless the condition of women is improved”

Each woman has to go through different phases in a life span. She is the daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in- law,mother, mother-in- law  and grandma; these are the most quoted duties of women, but she is fulfilling variety of other duties during her life. She is going through these phases from birth to when she turns 70 or 80. On each phase she is suffering a lot silently.

As a daughter, some girls are blessed to be in the protection of parents and elders, but there is a number of girl children who suffer a lot. They are not allowed to go to school, play and even proper food are not given. They have to work hard from their tender age, even pathetic is the condition of girl kids who are misused and raped by the cruel beast who find sexual satisfaction in these innocent kids. Lots of such incidents are happening around the world.  Now, each girl is grown up with a fear of protection; she may be attacked at any time and anywhere. Parents are keen to marry her off at a tender age, to escape from a responsibility. At her husband’s home she is not secured. She has to do all the household duties, even though, the mother- in- law and sister- in- law are women, they too won’t be with the new bride. After that, she wants to satisfy the needs of her husband, the result, she will become a mother before she becomes a youth. Now the responsibility of the kids too are fully entrusted with her. Then the cycle continues, as she becomes mother in law and grandma.

When will this end? Some women have attained recognition and they are strong enough to lead a country or a mass for certain causes. We should remember the ladies like, Margret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc. But the condition of women in the society is the same. Governments have implemented different laws to protect her from domestic violence, sexual assaults and other violence from the office and work place. Still, she is afraid of travelling in the late nights, she can’t. She will be followed everywhere with sexual intention by some cruel people. In this modern world also, she is considered as a flesh to satisfy the needs of others. 

Things should be changed, laws should be more protective. She should get equal consideration and respect from the society. She should have the freedom to travel anywhere without fear of anything. Even a look with bad intention should be punished. Women’s associations should be more active with strong powers. Each child should have the awareness about her body parts and make her able to protect herself even from a bad touch. She should be properly educated to gain self-reliance and financial security. Make her courageous enough to react to  any violence. 

Each women is the builder of the world. She should be treated like  a goddess. She is the mother who nurtures the new generation. She is the teacher who guides the new generation, and she is the nurse who protects, loves and cares the new world. If her services are properly appreciated she won’t have to be afraid of anything, she won’t have to bend her head. For the development of each nation, women should be protected, loved, cared and respected.


See also: http://astraunic.com/2013/02/15/atrocities-against-women/


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