Who is a psychopath? We may target a person with some insane behavior as a psychopath.  Are mad or insane persons  the only psychopaths? Most people have some strange habits; and some of that have become the part of life; like, over neatness, too much obsessed with fashion, ornaments, or religion.  But, they are not psychopaths. A real psychopath will have some chronic mental disorder with violent social behavior.

A psychopath can hide his mental illness by behaving normally. He may appear as the most well mannered person in front of his friends and relatives. The real sufferer is the person who is living with the psychopath, that is, the husband or the wife. They will torture them both mentally and physically and they are finding a strange satisfaction while their victims suffer. Think of a person living with a psychopath. I may say, it is the worst thing!!!! They won’t allow their partner any freedom, he/ she will be prohibited to talk with his/ her friends,relatives and even with parents. The wives are the real victims, as the husbands can escape from it to a certain extent. But, wives have to stay with the insane husband for the sake of the kids, if she is not earning, it will become more pathetic. She has to rely on her psychopath husband for all; and he will treat her like a beast. A number of women are compelled to lead a life with the insane husbands because of several reasons; as they may be afraid of the society, what the society will think about her or what will be the future of her kids, some others may have to consider the family name and some others have no other option.

What is the reason behind a person becoming a psychopath? There is a genetic factor, that is true. But, parents can detect the behavioral changes from  a younger age. If so, they can get their child for better treatment. Early medication, and counselling are effective, it can be controlled. Support them with proper and loving care. Parents and siblings can imbibe a confidence in them. If it is done properly, the future life will be secured, and they can lead a comfortable family and professional life.


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