no to drugs


The addiction of youths to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes are becoming a grave issue. The situation is the same all over the world. The number of youths falling as victims to these social sins are improving day by day. There is rules to control the production and use of drugs. But, why should it not be fully eradicated? We have to think seriously about it, and steps should be taken to eradicate it from our society to rescue our youths.

It is a serious social issue. The future of the coming world is in the hands of the new generation. What happens, if they waste their precious time and intelligence on drugs? Most of the countries have prohibited children below 16 years of age of using alcohol.  But, what is the result?  While they get sixteen, they have become senior students in schools; the transformation from adolescent to youth takes place during this time. Their thoughts and views are easily vulnerable; hero worships are at the culmination, and they will definitely follow their heroes. Though, boys are the main victims of drugs, girls too are not fully excepted.

What should be done to save the youths? First of all, the training should start from the home. A well brought up child, who gets care, love and attention from parents will find a role model in his/ her parents. So, parents should guide them through the  correct way. Teachers can do a lot at school, they can make them aware of the value of life;  make them think that, they have a responsibility towards the society. Good friendship is the next essential thing. As I have said earlier, film stars, sports persons and other renowned peoples can do a lot to direct the youth, because the youths need a hero to follow and they find one in such persons. Then, of course  comes the authority. The availability of alcohol should be restricted, the age limit for the consumption should be risen. The production and usage of drugs should be banned with strict laws.  The transformation period, that is, the adolescent age is the serious time, if we can direct our youths properly, we can gain them. By then, they will become matured to take a decision about themselves. Above all, prompt the youths to invoke the Almighty in each and every action; then they will  properly be  guided.



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