The Silence of the Lambs

Yesterday, I met a man of about 26 years; he came to our home. Hey!, there is nothing special in that, but one thing I noticed in him is his silence. He is not dumb, he can talk and he behaves and mingles  well with his friends. But extremely different with his parents and relatives.He is not an exception, there are lots of people in new generation those keep silence as their best weapon as they are reluctant to take any responsibility.

Is this good or bad? To a certain extent silence is good. When we get angry with somebody, we can keep ourselves mum, it is advisable, to avoid a quarrel and thus we can keep on with a relationship with that  person. If we are listening to some valuable speeches or if we are in the midst of any debate, we can keep silence to have new ideas. While elders are talking we should keep silence to show our respect. For children, they should be quiet in school at the time of studies. In the above mentioned fields silence is a great quality that should be practiced and followed.

But, I feel bad with those who keep mum when they are intended to talk.  I have come across so many people, especially, youths, the new generation, who keep silence as if they do not want to be with the society. They are only interested in their own self and personal affairs; even parents are avoided from their world. They love only to browse in the computers and surf in the mobile phones. When sitting in a group also, they simply take the phone and go through the messages with a smile on face, completely avoiding the people around them. It seems they are not at all interested in the day to day affairs and they are not at all worried about other’s sorrows.Some others remain silent because they want to hide something from others; it is hypocrisy.  The funny thing is that, they are extremely different when they are with their peers. They will talk a lot and will share all their ideas.

Silence is good, but we should speak out our mind whenever it is needed. We should behave properly, especially with parents and elders.  Not only that, we should keep abreast with current affairs. Even though, we are blessed with all, we should think about those who suffer even for food and shelter. SPEAK OUT WHENEVER IT IS NEEDED. 


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