18 Kids and Counting Season 3 DVD Set

MEDIA, the world depends on this for news, information, fashion, career and for all. How is it influencing the kids? or, how they are utilizing the media? Is it good or bad? Ever thought of it?

The modern world is blessed with so many ways for communication. Think of an age where people did not have an option to get in connected with the other part of the world. In ancient times, nobody was worried about the world. They were satisfied with what they had or what they got. Food and shelter were the only two things they used to worry about.

Really, we are blessed to have so many ways to get in touch with the world. We can make friends from all over the world. First phone, mobile phone and then the computers made the communication easier. Of course, there was newspaper and radio; now also, lots of people depend on newspaper, for entertainment we have radio and television. Surprising changes have occurred in the means of communication and entertainment within a short span of time. Sources of attaining knowledge have increased, students and young generations are becoming more and more well- occupied with fresh information. They are keeping abreast with the latest trends and news.

Do the media influencing the kids badly? All medias especially, television and computers are providing both good and bad information.  Kids are easily vulnerable to fall as a prey to cheating. Some are providing false information and knowledge. Children are not used to such things and they may become the victims. Usually, they are after  the new ideas they get without considering the authenticity. This may ruin them or they fall in some rackets. Over dependence on any source is susceptible  They should not be allowed to use computers for more than two hours a day. While they start to use ( at the early ages) they should be allowed to use it in front of their parents, as then they can guide the kids or they can prompt the kids to sieve the good ones. If it has become a practice they won’t follow any bad sites or bad news.Small kids do not need internet connection, slowly, teach them to select the needed one and advise them to use it wisely.  The time for watching television should also be limited. If they get a practice for these at early ages, they will become efficient to select the good ones wisely.


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