Tensions of Order and Freedom: Catholic Political Thought

Tension or stress are the two words that most people use today. Elders (both men and women) are tensed because of problems in work; or because of the stress given by the employer.  Parents are tensed as they are anxious about the studies, lives and future of their kids. Youths are stressed because of so many problems from colleagues, employers and even from their better halves. Not only that, young school going children are tensed for they want, or they are compelled to gain first ranks. Thank God! Little kids are excepted from these tensions!!!!!!! 

I am quite surprised to hear these words, tensions and stress from almost all I meet. Why so much tensions? The tension starts at the time one gets up in the morning, it is with him all through the day, as a challenge and a day’s tension ends when he goes to sleep. It is ruining the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere of each family. Think of a father with a stressed face, and a mother with a pale and depressed attitude! What will be the life of the children, they are the most affected. Slowly, they too feel tensed as it is the custom.

What should be changed?  As we have heard earlier, a well begun is half done, the day should be started with some meditation. Those who believe in God can entrust all the duties of that day with the Almighty. Surely, we can experience a peace and comfort. Next is the systematic doings. Each activity should have a particular time. I am not mentioning about a time table, but we must be punctual, do justice to the time, it is running fast. Hold a pleasant smiling face while you meet your employer, boss, colleagues and every body. Have a nutritious food and enough water for the health of the body. Try the most to not to get angry; if you get anger, the words coming from you may hurt others, and that will spoil the healthy and comfortable relationships. At home, find time to spend with the children, just an applause or pat is like getting heaven for the kids. Talk and share anything with your dear ones, it will reduce the stress and tensionsSee how easily you have completed a day without  tensionsSMILE AND BE PLEASANT WITH EVERYBODY.


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