Poverty : the Sin to be Eradicated.

Living in Poverty in Africa


The world as a whole is keenly following the news on economic crisis and  the threat of another depression. All countries are implementing some projects to promote the economic growth. For that, some financial disciplines are strictly implemented and the prices of oil, fuel, food grains and other essential commodities are increased. In the midst some facts are forgotten; that is, the facts about the poor people: people who are below poverty line.

Actually, what does  this below poverty line mean? For the authority, it is those who are not able to meet their both ends, or their will be some criteria to decide that line. But the fact this that, 80% of people live on less than $10 per day. How Pathetic. Can you imagine how a human being could live on that? More than half of the population suffer of poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die of malnutrition on each day.

In some countries, that is in main developed countries, most people enjoy job security and the government is also well occupied to support the needs of its citizens. But in the developing and under- developed countries the situation is quite different. The power, money and the comforts are enjoyed by a small population. Some are having the most comfortable life, with all the luxurious amenities, while some others are enjoying a decent life- style. But, the major population suffer a lot. Most of them find their livelihood by farming. If the weather cheats, all end in ruin. They won’t be able to get nutritious food; or they are inefficient to provide their children with proper education and better living atmosphere. As a result they are vulnerable to severe diseases. Each government policy is directed to improve the country’s economic growth. In that the poor people are forgotten. They are the direct victims of such policies; when the prices are increased, they have nothing to do. Their children are the  most affected.

What is the benefit of such policies, that only increase the difference between the haves and the have -nots. Our policies should be directed to improve the living conditions of the poor people . Poverty is to be eradicated, each child has a right to have a comfortable life, it is their right to get good education and good food. While installing programs to promote the country, attention should be taken to promote the have-nots first. If there is poverty, whatever we have attained will be futile. The individual rights are equal for all, money should not be a barrier.





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