Climate Changes


Warning Climate Change Industrial Co2 Sign

All over the world now encounters with drastic changes in the climate. Some areas are experiencing sever drought; some others are experiencing torrential rain with storms and flash floods. Again some are the victims of extreme cold climate. Why these changes are occurring and why we are witnessing such extreme weather conditions?

In earlier days, each climate occurred according to the seasons. Each weather has its own time. When there was rain, there was enough of it, and so people could preserve water for the coming hot summer. During Spring people could cultivate and during  Summer people could  harvest  what they needed. So they were able to preserve food and essential commodities for the winter season also. The life was so happy as the weather conditions were some how predictable.


But now, it is not at all predictable. Meteorologist are forecasting the weather and we have sent satellite for the correct predictions, but all are not effective. People can’t depend on their predictions as the things are not happening according to it.  Countries like India does not getting sufficient rain for the past two or three years, because of that crops are not properly grown; the farmers are experiencing severe crisis and it is growing as a threat to the economy also. Some other countries experience incessant rains and that too threaten the growth of crops.

I think, we human beings are the real culprits. We are exploiting the earth without giving anything back to preserve it. Soil erosion, Sand mining, Deforestation, Mismanagement of wastes, especially plastic wastes are the  main reasons behind these drastic climatic changes. The time is running; we have to take care of our earth. Actions should be taken to preserve our mother earth before we witness severest calamities. All are keen on economical and educational development; it is good, but we should not forget our Mother Earth. 


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