A Daughter- in- law.


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I am now with a different topic; it is relevant too. That is, about the relationship between women and their in- laws.

In most countries, at the time of marriage, the boy’s household expects something as a share from the parents of the girl. In some countries, household violence and mental torturing are occurring as a result of the dowry; the sweet name for this share.

A girl gets into the house of her husband ( even if it is an arranged marriage or  a love marriage), with lots of dreams and expectations. Most girls dream of leading a happy married life, with her husband and in- laws and of having kids and the like. She might have got advises from her mother too, about how to treat the in- laws.  While entering into the new life, she would think, I would love my in- laws just I love my parents, and would treat them with respect and affection. But, for that, one more thing is necessary; that is, the behavior of the in- laws; how they consider their son’s wife. In some houses, the girls are very lucky to have very loving in- laws, who consider their son’s wife as their own daughter.

But in many the daughter-in- law is attacked with words and looks and even with brutal torturing. Educated and aristocrat families are  not excepted. The bride is not allowed to talk to her parents privately; she might have a lot to tell; but she is not allowed. The in -laws will peep from each corner to hear it. For meeting the household needs, without any shame they will ask for her sovereigns. If she is not ready to give it, there they start the mental torturing. The husband will silently participate in it. He may behave as if he has nothing  to do. Working and earning women too have a lot to suffer. They need to look after the kids, the household duties and then the work. Nobody is willing to share her burden. Who is there to stand with her? Of course, there is lots of laws to prosecute the tortures, but most women silently tolerate all; for their kids and for the sake of other family members. Will the women ever escape from such burdens?. They will surely tolerate for their kids, it is their happiness, but she wishes  a care, a pat on the shoulder. After marriage, she is considered as a servant for doing all the household duties. She must bring money and she must sacrifice all she has and after that she must tolerate all the sufferings. Where is the justice?

It should be changed, woman should attain equal power and respect at families. It is not only the law that is to be changed, the attitude of each person should be changed. Hope for the better tomorrow.


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