Violence and Kids

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Recently, we all have seen the pathetic pictures of Balachandran ( son of Prabhakaran, former leader of LTTE). It was so pathetic to see the dead photos of a 12 year old boy. Had he dreams of reaching adolescence? Had he ambitions of getting into good studies or reaching at the heights? Who knows it all? Just like, all kids, he too might have dreams!! But 5 bullets ended all his dreams. He was seen unafraid, eating something, without knowing that the death is near.

I am not going to talk about the terrorist, terrorism or anything like that. Think of just one thing, What is the justice behind killing small kids for attaining success over some cause? We all agree that, children are God’s gifts, they are the rulers of next world, they have to be brought up and guided properly. All are true. But, while bringing up our own kids, we should think about the children who suffer a lot for many reasons. 

On each fight and terrorist attacks, small children are unknowingly falling victims. They do not know the reason behind each attack, they are brutally killed. See, How the next generation is destroyed, for the cause of some greedy elders.  Each one should think seriously about rescuing the new generation. Parents, teachers and good religious leaders can do wonders in guiding them properly. We should generate methods to stop children from being victims of some brain washing. 

It is their right to live happily without any obstruction to their individuality. We all have the responsibility to provide them that. Let us, all together try to build a strong willed new generation.


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