Strikes and Protests


Peaceful protests

Is strikes a method to solve our grievances? We are witnessing strikes for several reasons almost on all days. Do all end in successfully resolving the issues?  Let us have a look.

Struggles and strikes are for putting forward our needs and grievances in-front  of the authorities. But all strikes are not necessary and genuine. Some genuine strikes may fall and end up in vain. So, what is wrong, the method or the mind of the authority.

Some strikes and fights are for the well being of the mass. For inviting the attention of the government and authority on some grave issues. In such cases, strikes are necessary to gain the support of the people and by that, the authority will definitely look into the issues and will solve it. But some strikes are just to satisfy the needs of the leaders. They merely need to show off their power by scaring the people. The leaders are pretending that, they have some power and they can scare even the authority and thus they are compelling the people to stay in their homes.

While announcing a strike, the freedom of the locals should not be obstructed. Each individual has his own rights and his own freedom. Such individual freedom should not be obstructed.  We have the right  to reveal our views and we have the right to oppose the authority if they are in the wrong way. But, it should be in such a way that, the method should not obstruct the freedom of the people. Their freedom of travel and freedom of entertainments should not be banned. If it is like that, the cause of the strike will gain the mass attention and the authority will be compelled to consider the issues. There we will get the solution.

Otherwise, the strikes and fights are misusing the country and its citizens. Each one is paying the tax and each tax payer has his own rights.  We all should be patriots, and a patriot should not stand against the growth of his country as each strike reverses the growth of the country.


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