Family Day

Dream Day True Love


We all love to be in the security of our loved ones, to be in the circle of our beloveds. While thinking about such an occasion I happened to ponder on the family day. For most, it is on second or third Monday of February.  Another day for celebration; is it like that?

No, never, it should not be like that. Family is the place where, we can shed our woes, sorrows, anxiety and all. Not only that we are sharing our happiness, achievements and the like. We are getting inspiration, praises etc. What a peaceful experience to be in the midst of our beloved ones! I love to share; my views, ideas and everything, even if it is foolishness; in my family circle. At the time of our education, our parents waited for us to hear the words from us,  and we shared the happenings of a day. No lies, and no secrets there. How peaceful it was, all our doings were with the knowledge and  permission of our parents. So, we did not have anything to worry about, we knew that, there is our dear ones with us whatever be the situation.

Now also, many families follow the sharing, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. I am also keen to give that freedom and security to my kid. I think, most of the crimes are happening because of the lack of sharing. Majority did not have a quiet support to listen and pacify. All are after their jobs and for financial security. Of course, it is essential to have a peaceful family life, but most important is the strongly  bind family. If there, is love and a strong knitted relationship between the parents and kids, all the other will follow it.  Children will definitely obey and respect  their parents and elders and we can be proud that, we are bringing up a new, strong willed and responsible generation. That is the world now needs the most.


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