Meteor Shower

Comets, Asteroids and Meteoroids


Recently we have heard news about the meteor shower in Russia. It injured nearly thousand people.  What does it mean? I am not going to speak something about its science. Let me share my own  thoughts on this.

In reality, it is a celestial event; in which the meteoroids entering in the atmosphere of earth will burn. It is a treat to the eyes, if we get a chance to witness the meteoroids burning, of course, if it is small one. When the big one burns, there is a chance of danger as that happened in Russia.

What will be our reaction? It is overall unexpected. We won’t get a time for evacuation or for any rescue activity. See, what a big hole was created at the place where it hit in Russia!! It happened all on a sudden and people did not get a time to recognize what was happening. Some mistook it as an explosion and some as an earthquake as the windows were shaken.

The science has attained great heights, and we are now able to make big prophesies based on the climate and atmospheric changes. But, are we really efficient to block some unexpected happening? and Are we able to foresee all the natural calamities? The answer is a big emphatic NO.

I think, it is all God’s, the Creator’s doing. He is reminding the human beings that there is some power, that is the power of the Almighty  to control all.  We the creations should not be greedy or over ambitious. We should be grateful and should remember Him in all our doings.


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