Atrocities against women.



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Each women is respected as mother, sister and daughter. But, why atrocities are rising against women? So many news are hearing. It is sad to listen to the woes of a woman. Even though, she is gaining, equality, self respect, and power, violence against women is also arising. It is ironic,that  in the modern cultured and educated world is witnessing so many violence against women. She is fearing of both domestic and public violence  Why it is happening? Is a campaign, like ‘Billion arising’ enough for stopping such atrocities.

Is it true that, woman is weak in herself, of course not. She has the courage and will power, to stand against any injustice. We should be courageous  and  strong enough to react and respond. In India, woman has a position like goddess. She is considered as the goddess of each house. But, what is the real happening? In most of the houses, even if it is wealthy and highly educated, a woman’s will and wishes are not fulfilled. The case is not different for a working woman also. She is supposed to look after the husband, kids, household and along with all these works she had to work hard also. In earlier days, bread winning is the duty of the man, but now in many houses, women are doing that too.

The governments are implementing so many laws for the security of women, but what is lacking. Nothing proved sufficient. I think, the fault likes in us. We women are tolerating all, for the well being of our kids  and family. Most women maintain silence telling ” oh! it is for my kids”. Laws are to be made strong for stopping such violence.  Those who are torturing should be punished, like they should not repeat their cruelties.  Such criminals should be imprisoned for life long, without parole or bail. If they are set freed, they will repeat their actions. Women organizations should stand firmly for such strong rules.


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