Relevance of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day


Tomorrow it is 14th February. The day for all the lovers! What does it mean? In the 3rd century,Claudius ii at Rome prohibited marriages among soldiers and they were not allowed to meet their sweet hearts. Seeing that, it is not fare, a priest called Valentine arranged secret weddings and later he became a martyr and then  a saint. The day of Saint Valentine is commemorated on February 14.

But, now it has turned out to be another day for celebration. We all love celebrations and love to embrace the joy that each celebration provides. In the beginning, it was meant for true lovers; who loved with fidelity and sincerity. 

Let us consider today’s lovers. Is there the real fidelity? Is everyone giving the real support that his/ her partner needs? Yes, it is true that some are serious in their affairs. What about others? Some are considering it as a pastime. They need something as a hobby during their college days. Some goes on with it for the fulfillment of vested interests like money. For others, it has become  so vicious as they love only for bodily needs.

Here, we should think about the relevance of celebrating Valentine’s Day. While celebrating this year ( that is on tomorrow) take a decision that, I will stand with my sweet heart, whatever will be the situation, need or demand. So, when you give a beautiful rose or any gift, to your loved ones, whisper in his/ her ears that ,” you are mine and I am with you”. Really, it is great, greater than any gift!!!!


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