The Renunciation of the POPE


Pope Benedict  xvi


Yesterday the world heard the surprising decision of the Pope Benedict xvi to resign from his post on 28th February. Especially, the Christians were surprised and me too.

What prompted Him to take that decision? Regularly, we are witnessing the struggle of the authorities to keep their power safe and intact. Their these craving for power are the main reason for corruption and many atrocities.Some choose muscle power and money power, while some others choose any heinous method to be in power. But, what has He, the Pope done? He has shown that, He is the real follower of Jesus Christ. Realizing that, he is not comfortable for sincerely doing his duties, he has chosen to resign. Even though  it is not heard in the church recently, { the last Pope who had resigned from his post was about 600 years before} He has entrusted his conscience to the Almighty to take the bold decision. He is 85 years, but strong in will, belief, mind and soul; but it is necessary that one should be healthy for the quick and crucial decision.

He is the real leader who has shown the world  the way of renunciation. The brave follower of Christ and His verses

” I am the Truth,

I am the Way, and 

I am the Life”

Let us altogether wish him “Viva il Papa” ( Long Live the Pope) and wait with prayers for another pious one.


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