Death Penalty.

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Is it right or wrong; the death penalty as the capital punishment?????

Recently, India has executed two prisoners; in US about 43 prisoners were executed in the year 2012. Many countries around the world consider death penalty as the capital punishment; though the way differs. What do you think? Is it right or  is it to be avoided?

Some cases like, terrorism, rape ( especially of small children), murders, and severe atrocities against women require capital punishments. While hearing about some crimes, there will arise a strong feeling like wow!how pathetic or how a human being can behave to a fellow creature like this!!!. In some cases, humans are becoming more and more ferocious than a wild beast. For such criminals capital punishments are a must.

But do we have the right to kill a person for his crimes? If yes, what is the difference between we and the criminals? Nobody can give life to  a dead person, and nobody can fill the vacuum created by the dead  person. We are the followers of Mahatma Gandhi and we stand for non violence. I think, we should give an opportunity for every criminal to repent. It may happen at any time. For severe crimes, life long imprisonment like, imprisonment until death and aloofness are the better punishments. Aloofness means, complete loneliness, the criminal should not be allowed any contacts, even contacts with his beloved ones are to be avoided. After a long time, he may think about his crime and thus we are giving an opportunity to save a soul. It is sure that, one will repent at the time of death, if he gets the time to think about his crime.

I think this is better than any death penalty; as in death penalty the criminals are escaping through death, they are not experiencing any of the sorrow that have experienced  their victims.


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