World Cancer Day.

amazon cancer pick ribbon

amazon cancer pick ribbon

Today, 4th February is the World Cancer Day. What is the relevance behind celebrating a day for cancer. UN has started to celebrate it on 1933, when the disease was so deadly and most people remained unaware of it. What is the status today.

Now, people know what is cancer. But it worries all, when we hear about cancer our first reaction will be a big Oh!!!! Yes, now also it is deadly, but there is treatment. The early detection is the most relevant thing. The UN has set a day for cancer along with the WHO and the governments to make the people aware about the chances of getting cancer, early detection, the treatments and of course to avoid the panic that this disease creates. In every year millions die of cancer and of all, mouth, lungs, breast, cervix and uterus cancers are the most commonly seen.

Most of the mouth and lungs cancers are due to smoking, both active and passive smoking. The use of nicotine is the real villain, next comes the pollution, due to the carbon emission of vehicles and other industries. It is pathetic to see young kids suffer of these disease because of the pollution created by we the elderly. Early detection is very important for all cancers; so that there is treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Whenever you get a doubt about something; like some unnatural growth, speedy weight loss and uneasiness due to some diseases; take a check -up to rule out any dangers.

Next thing that is to be discussed is the myths about cancer; some people think it as a fate or it is the end of everything, they will be unwilling to reveal their disease and will like to remain aloof. Recently, I have read an interview with a movie actor who suffers from cancer, I was really surprised to see his confidence and courage. He considers and asks every cancer patient to consider the disease as a friend and start the treatment. Meditation and prayers helped him a lot and now he is recovering.

Let us remember all cancer patients today and go hand in hands with the UN to control the disease.


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